Katarzyna Szeszycka

Born 1983, Poland.

Katarzyna Szeszycka explores various media and environments. Her works are inspired and partly created during expeditions to volcanic areas (e. g. during her residency at International Artists-in-Residence Program in Aso, Kumamoto, in Japan in 2014, mobile art residence Focus + Indonesia in Java/Bali, Indonesia in 2014 and during study visits in Iceland in 2016).

Her artistic practice is similar like experimenter practice. In her paintings and bio-art works Szeszycka is looking for borders of perception of visibility and darkness (series the empty landscapes 2015–19, white plants 2014–15). In her in intermedia works she focuses on borders of perception of silence and space (The Model of Swarm 2019).

Katarzyna Szeszycka took part in residency programs and was a scholarship holder of several Polish programs for young creators. She is a laureate of the Grand Prix of the 24th Polish Contemporary Painting Festival – a special award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2012). She has completed over 20 individual exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions in Poland and abroad.

In 2015 she received PhD at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk at the Faculty of Painting. She is co-founder in UPSIDE ART Foundations.